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  • Have adequate access to the room (doors)

  • Adding mirrors so users can check their form

  • Facing the equipment towards a TV, window or pool

  • Building a separate area for stretching or free weights (consider flooring).

  • Adding plants for beauty and fresh air.

  • Focusing your facility on the 10% of people who will exercise anyway, instead of the fence sitters or the other 90%.

  • Not having a system in place to keep the facility cleaned and maintained. This is easier with a few facility policies on cleanliness, courtesies and an equipment maintenance contract.

  • Not having enough space between equipment in high traffic areas. Good planning and a comprehensive facility layout will help you avoid this situation.

  • Not planning for dedicated electrical outlets and/or special electrical requirements for cardiovascular equipment.

  • Having doors that open up into the room. This will take up unnecessary space.

  • Having poor ventilation.

  • Forgetting about flooring considerations.

  • Not having liability disclaimers in your facility. This is something you can easily create on the computer and post in your facility. Be sure to run it by your lawyer.

  • Not having a visually pleasing facility. Color and aesthetics are important. You can do something nice without adding a lot of cost if you just plan for it up front.

If you are planning a small facility (100-200 potential users), you will need at least 2 different types of major cardio machines: treadmill, bike, elliptical or stair climber. You will also need to cover the major muscle groups with strength training exercises. A multi-station machine will cover your minimum requirements.

A medium facility (200-400 potential users), will need at least 4 cardio machines, two from each category of the following: treadmill, bike, elliptical or stair climber. For strength, at least 4-6 combo machines or a circuit of 6-8 single station machines.

A larger facility (400 + potential users) should have a minimum of one cardio machine per 100 potential users. For strength you will need a complete circuit of 8-12 single station machines plus free weights.

The hottest piece of cardiovascular equipment on the market right now is the Elliptical Trainer. They are smooth, impact-free, and gentle on the joints, a comfortable natural exercise that appeals to everyone. It is also a weight bearing non-impact exercise and has a low perceived exertion ratio. In other words, users are working harder then they realize.

It is a good idea to have a contract if you do not have a qualified repair/maintenance person on staff. A contract will not eliminate the need for repairs, but it may decrease the number of repairs needed (minimizing equipment downtime), and it will ensure that a qualified technician is maintaining your equipment.

We can usually deliver your cardiovascular equipment within 2-4 weeks of your purchase. For those purchases that require special ordering (strength equipment), the lead-time is dependent on that particular product at that point in time.

Yes, our technicians are factory trained and authorized to maintain and repair any equipment we sell. We specialize in service before, during and after the sale.

Exercise Systems, Inc. can visit your site and review or measure your existing or proposed space. We provide customized floor plans that will include the most efficient placement of the equipment we are proposing in your facility and any special electrical requirements.


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