Cardio decks are hugely popular and should be part of your facility plan. Although there is no steadfast formula to setting up the perfect cardio area, you should be aware of some general rules, that when applied, should separate your facility from the one down the street.

General Rules:

  1. Plan Plan Plan. Making a plan is so important even if you are just replacing your existing equipment. New equipment is hitting the market all the time so you should understand what is currently available and how it fits into your overall objectives. Don’t be afraid to try new products and be sure to compare features and warranties between different manufacturers. Determine what works best for your market and budget.
  2. Determine what you need. Take in to consideration what you currently are using and the durability of that brand. Consider such things as quality, longevity, warranty, and response from manufacturers/vendors for repairs.
  3. Plan the area. This is mission critical. Having an accurate floor plan that includes all proposed equipment will help ensure your construction and installation will go more smoothly. Be sure to include electrical wiring, internet connectivity, and that you adhere to all fire and Americans with Disability Act spacing regulations.
  4. Should you lease or purchase? Determine if leasing or purchasing is the better option before you sign any agreement. Consider how often you plan to upgrade your equipment and if you are interested in trading in your old equipment.
  5. Delivery day. Plan your new equipment delivery on the same day the old equipment is being removed. Make sure the entire staff is trained once the new equipment is installed. The more familiar they are with your product, the more they can help members engage with the product to achieve fitness goals.

Following these 5 general rules will help you and your facility be successful in upgrading your Cardio Deck and will also offer your members the latest technology with very little downtime.

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