The name Batca Fitness Systems will always stand for quality. To ensure that quality, Batca has made many changes since they began manufacturing fitness equipment in 1989. Today, through a commitment to technological advances, proprietary manufacturing techniques, and global sourcing, Batca Fitness Systems are able to deliver fitness systems that are unsurpassed in design, performance, and reliability.

Batca Fitness Systems continues to embrace change when it improves their products. But one thing never changes: their passion. They remain as passionate today as they were in 1989 about pushing the limits of what their fitness equipment can do and the results it can provide to our customers.

As the company and product line continue to grow, you can always count on Batca brand integrity. They make sure that every piece of fitness equipment that carries the Batca label blends exceptional mechanics, unmatched quality, and absolute performance.

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Batca Fusion 3 Personal Gym

The Fusion 3 provides more exercises, more functionality, and less space. Experience the perfect blend of machine defined, user defined, and dumbbell exercises.


  • Advanced Smart Lock Cable System – Provides direct cabling to all exercise stations while minimizing cable play and stretch.
  • Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl – Features 8 starting point adjustments and patented flip support that allows full muscle contraction.
  • Easy Entry – Obstacle free seat design with height adjustment provides optimal seat position for all exercises.
  • User-Defined Cable Exercises – Independent, rotating functional arms have single touch adjustments and swiveling pulleys.
  • Iso-Lateral Multi-Press and Mid Row Arm – Allows a number of fixed path movements for chest and back exercises.
  • Leg Press / Calf Raise / Bench
    • Features – walk-through seat design, centered four bar linkage, large footplate and grip handle. Leg press has 2:1 weight ratio (400 lbs).
    • Includes Dumbbell Bench / Ab Crunch – Converts leg press seat into a multi-purpose dumbbell / ab crunch bench.
  • Accessories Included – 2 Multi-hook Strap Handles, Multi-use Short Bar, 2 Hook Lat Bar, and an Ankle Strap.


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DrewTina Commerce Center
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