Cybex Arc Trainer 600A

Cybex Arc Trainer 600A

Cybex ARC Trainer 600A

  • Cybex 600A, $1,995
  • Used/ Reconditioned with 2 year protection plan, The Arc Trainer has a simple design, comfortable gliding motion, user-controlled speed, and vast range of resistance.

  • Cybex is known for its innovative and ongoing research in the areas of physiology, biomechanics, and anatomy, and the Arc Trainer was developed from this passion and pursuit. The 600A boasts superior biomechanics designed to transmit the least amount of stress to ankle, knee, and hip joints, while maintaining the highest level of performance, and footplates that incline along an adjustable arc of motion in a bilateral, reciprocal movement, which provides a smooth exercise experience. A resistance range from 0 to 900 watts accommodates a wide variety of users, from novices to the most dedicated athletes, by yielding a lower work rate and relaxed feel at low resistance levels, and providing high intensity training, with greater muscle loads, at higher resistance settings. Whether it's in your club, office, or home, the Cybex 600A Arc Trainer remains to this day a durable, innovative, and essential machine that continues to stand out among others in its class for design, performance, and results.

  • Features:
    Exercise Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Weight Loss, Cardio, Interval, Hill and Strength
    Dual Screen Display Readouts: Distance, Calories, METs, Strides/Minute, Heart Rate, Time, and Incline
    Heart Rate Monitor: Contact and Wireless Capability (Chest Strap Not Included)
    Resistance: 101 Levels
    Water Bottle Holder, Magazine Rack, and Utility Tray
    Wheels On Front For Easy Rolling
    Stride Length: 24",  Incline Levels: 11
    Max User Weight: 400 lbs.
    Product Weight: 325 lbs.
    Height: 60 in.,  Length: 70 in.,  Width: 32 in.


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