Equipment Leasing

Why Lease?

The Benefits of Leasing

Simply defined, a lease is a usage agreement between a lessor (equipment owner) and a lessee (user of the equipment). The lessee pays a periodic fee, usually monthly, to the lessor for the use of the property.  Depending on the lease structure, at the end of the lease term the customer can purchase, return, or continue to lease the equipment.  A lease is a simple, easy way to enjoy the benefits of new equipment without assuming the up-front costs, and risks of ownership.

  • 100% Financing
  • Acquiring New Equipment
  • Almost Limitless Possibilities
  • Avoid Obsolescence
  • Conserve Working Capital
  • Flexibility
  • Leasing vs. Bank Documentation Fees
  • Minimal Cash Outlay
  • Overcome Budget Limitations

Short applications, quick approvals, and uncomplicated documents make leasing equipment a simple financing option.  Leasing also makes adding equipment in the future a snap!

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