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HCI Fitness H2O ProRowers

HCI Fitness H2O ProRowers

The H2O Fitness Line of ProRowers are the most high quality and affordable rowers on the market today!

All three models of the ProRower offer a variety of unique built-in advantages. The ProRowers are safe and user-friendly, ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. The oversized display is easy to read and features a built-in heart rate receiver, which lets you monitor your workout intensity.

The Innovative Hydro-Power Drive System uses water as resistance, giving you an incredible "on the water" feel that is impossible to duplicate on a standard rowing machine. The ProRowers are lightweight, compact and can be stored anywhere from a corner to a closet. 

Rowing is one of the few sports that simultaneously combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercise at the same time!  That means that you are benefiting from both the cardio and strength aspects of the exercise while you are rowing. Using the ProRower gives you the feel and control of rowing on the water and offer continuous resistance with no dead spots.  The H2O Fitness ProRowers are the perfect all in one exercise machine, even when space is limited!


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