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Vectra Fitness Multi Gyms

Vectra Fitness Multi Gyms

Vectra Fitness has an exciting story to tell, and their history dates back to 1987 when the company was founded. 3 of the 4 original founders are still owners today and actively involved in the business. They are Doug MacLean, Bob Rasmussen and Buell Ish. An interesting part of their story is that Doug and Bob are mechanical engineers by education and profession, which goes a long way toward explaining the superior engineering of Vectra products. Strong engineering principles combined with unprecedented and creative designs have resulted in approximately 30 patents being issued to Vectra innovations over the years.

Vectra products pioneered the market for high-end compact multi-station weight gyms for home and institutional use, and have consistently received the highest ratings and recommendations since their introduction in the Fall of 1987. Through constant product improvements and new product introductions, Vectra has been and continues to be a worldwide leader for providing space efficient, premium multi-station weight gyms for over 20 years.


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